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beer school

With craft beer experiencing a renaissance like never before, it’s perhaps the best time in history to be a beer drinker! It can also feel completely overwhelming and confusing with more and more packages on store shelves and ever-expanding craft beer lists at your local bar. With too many options, it’s easy to give up and just stick with what you know. This is especially challenging if you're still a little unclear on the difference between an ale and lager, a pilsner and an IPA, or a dubbel and a quad.

The vision behind Alewife is to create a welcoming environment for people to explore, discover, and enjoy all that craft beer has to offer. Education has been at the heart of that mission since the first day we opened our door. There are so many fun and interesting beer styles to choose from and new breweries are popping up every day. Don't let your fear of unfamiliar beer hold you back from enjoying craft beer's revival! Register Now!