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When will you be open for business?

WE ARE OPEN!! Come down and see us!

Are you a store or a bar?

Good question. We’re both.

We offer an extensive selection of bottles and cans from the best local, regional and national craft brewers in America. Grab a seat at our tasting bar to enjoy a flight or full pour from one of our six constantly rotating taps. Or select a bottle from our fridge and we’ll open it for you to enjoy as you browse the shelves.

If you don’t have time to kick back and enjoy a beer on-site, no worries. We have six-packs, four-packs, large format bottles (“bombers”), and single 12 oz. bottles and cans waiting for you to take home. We also encourage you to spend time building your own six pack by combining a few old favorites with some new exciting finds.

What does the name alewife mean?

The name Alewife is a nod of respect to the rich history behind the role of women in brewing. From the Sumerian civilization in the ancient Middle East to Europe in the Middle Ages – women were the primary brewers and retailers of beer. In England, these women were referred to as an Alewife

Is there a fee to drink on-site?

We do charge a small corkage fee.  $1.00 for small format bottles/cans and $2.00 for large format bottles.

What about food?

Feel free to bring in food from one of our awesome neighbors! We’ll stash some menus behind the bar for those interested.

Why only American craft beer?

There is no doubt that we at Alewife appreciate the rich history, culture and deliciousness of international brewing. American brewers, however, are taking brewing to a whole new level of artistry, experimentation, and reinterpretation. The beauty of American craft beer is it is free from rigidly defined traditions and can instead borrow from them to create its own unique identity.

With the current American brewing landscape offering unprecedented choices ranging from palate-busting IPAs to malty barrel-aged stouts to the increasingly popular seasonal brew and the rediscovery of nearly abandoned European styles – American brewing has never been more exciting!

Do you only sell beer?

We also sell cider and mead from around the world! And for those vinophiles out there — we will have a small selection of wines available by the glass.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes we offer free Wi-Fi!

Can I rent your space for a private event?

Absolutely. Please contact us and we’ll give you the details and work out the plan.